19th Annual Population Research Conference on “Population and Development - Policy and Programme Implementation Challenges in Pakistan”. November 29 - December 1, 2018 at University of Peshawar, Peshawar


About PAP

The Population Association of Pakistan (PAP), a non-profit professional, academic and demographic organization, was established in 2000. PAP’s mission is to promote and strengthen the discipline of population studies by providing a forum for subject experts to share their scientific knowledge and experience, while facilitating their professional development
Over the last 18 years, the PAP has generated tremendous interest in the centrality of population dynamics in all aspects of development. It has an impressive membership of experts in the fields of demography, research, public health and the social sciences. Moreover, more than 30 institutions and over 1,000 individuals including national and international experts, are members of the Association. Read More...

Professional Interaction

A forum for professional interaction in a multi disciplinary environment

Publication of Newsletter

Reaches out to people by publication of a newsletter (Population Windows/Dareecha) and other scientific papers under direction of an editorial board

Facilitates Research

Facilitates research on population related issues and offering advice on critical policy issues

Develops Collaborative

Develops collaborative linkages with other national and international organizations pursuing similar goals

Arranges Lectures

Arranges lectures by recognized national/international scholars for young professionals and the general public

Population Studies

Encourages population studies in educational institutions

Trains Young Talent

Develops and trains young talent/students by arranging funds for scholarships and by identifying courses/trainings in population at the national and international level

Confers Awards

Confers awards on scholars for outstanding contributions in the general area of population

Our Donor Agencies

  • falah family advancement for life and health

Our Institutional Partners

  • Agriculture_University_Faisalabad