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Memorandum of Association
Rules and Regulations

Membership Types, Criteria and Forms
Membership Fee
Payment Details







  • All regular and life members can democratically take part in PAP elections.
  • Free of cost distribution of conference proceedings, quarterly newsletters and any other scientific or professional publication(if).
  • Become a part of national and international population/development professionals network.
  • Facilitation and policy advice on research, in different fields related to population
  • Identification of opportunities for scholarships, courses and trainings in the field of population/development at both national and international level.
  • Invitation to attend all conferences, seminars, lectures, and meetings for presentation of scientific and technical papers and discussions

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Regular Membership: Any person fulfilling the following criteria may become a regular member of the Association: Any one of the following:

Be the holder of an advanced degree in a subject related to population
Be the author of at least one scientific publication in the field of population in a recognized scientific journal,
Have demonstrated commitment to the field through research, writing, teaching or administration.
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Institutional Membership:

Institutional Membership shall be open to institutions engaged in population studies or activities, on approval by a majority of the Executive Council. Each member institution shall nominate one qualified member of its staff to participate in the meetings held by the Association.
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Life Membership:

Life Membership shall be open to any individual eligible for regular membership on payment of an amount fixed in the Bye-laws of the Association for such membership.
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Student Membership:

Student membership shall be open to persons enrolled in graduate study in a population-related field, and recommended by any one member of the Association or the head of the department or institution.
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Honorary Membership:

The Executive Council may, of its own accord, confer Honorary Membership of the Association on persons who have made outstanding contributions to the growth of knowledge in population.

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Type of Membership Regular Membership Institutional Membership Life Membership Student Membership Foreign Nationals (Regular)

Annual Fee in Pak RS.

Rs. 400/- Rs. 2000/- Rs. 5000/- Rs. 100/- US $ 50

Note: Except for Life membership, the fee is paid on an annual basis

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Pay the amount mentioned above at any MCB branch in your city through online banking on the name of;

Population Association of Pakistan
Account # 1822-7
MCB Super market Islamabad Branch
Branch Code 1028

Send us the original Receipt along with your forms to confirm your membership. No forms will be processed if the original receipt is not attached along with the forms.

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