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Membership Graphs

Regular Membership-Cumulative

Membership is the backbone of PAP's existence and continued success. PAP started off with a small membership of 285 members in the year 2000. The regular membership has now steadily progressed to more than 1200 in 2010 (almost a three time increase over ten years). More spectacular has been the lifetime membership which increased from mere 18 to 62 over the period.

Life Membership-Cumulative

Membership comes from different specializations: demography, sociology, public health, statistics, geography, economics, medicine and gynecology and obstetrics, etc. Members come from research organizations, academic institutions, Ministries and Departments of Health and Population Welfare, NGOs, and civil society. PAP to-date has 36 institutional members, majority of whom are from non-governmental sector.

Student Membership-Cumulative

A significant segment of membership takes a proactive role in various PAP functions reflecting their commitment to the Association and learning from its activities.

Cumulative Membership-Year 2009

Student membership was less than 50 in year 2000 which stands at 372 in 2009. Though students' membership is a temporary status, PAP was able to attract a significant number of students across various universities in its activities.