Policy Issues and Solutions

The expertise available in the area of demography and population studies resulted in Ministry of Population Welfare requesting PAP to facilitate in drafting and finalizing it's Interim Population Sector Perspective plan 2002-2012.
PAP Executive Council members provided direct technical support to the Ministry of Population Welfare in drafting the Interim Population Sector Perspective plan 2002-2012 which provided the framework for achieving the objectives of the Population Policy.

Pictorial Glimpses of Regional Seminars

Interaction and involvement of Policy makers

PAP has successfully involved key politicians, senior civil servants, and programme managers across Pakistan in its annual conferences.

Chief Guest of Inaugural session
Chief Guest at Concluding session

Dr. Shahid Amjad Chaudhury

(Deputy Chairman Planning Commission, Government of Pakistan)

Dr. Attiya Inayatullah

(Federal Minister, Ministry of Population Welfare)

Mr. Tariq Janjua

(Federal Secretary, Ministry of Population Welfare)

Miss Naseem Lodhi

(Minister of Population Welfare, Government of Punjab)

Dr. Nafis Sadik

(Advisor to Secretary General United Nations)

Dr. Saeeda Malik

(Minister for Women Development, Govt. of Sindh)

Miss Syeda Sughra Imam

(Minister of Social Welfare, Govt. of Punjab)

Dr. Muhammad Nizamuddin

(Vice Chancellor, University of Gujrat)

Mr. Mian Mohammad Somroo

(Chairman Senate)

Dr. A. J. Khan

(Minister for Population Welfare)

Dr. Harun Rashid

(Vice Chancellor University of Peshawar)

Mrs. Neelum Jabbar

(Provincial Minister for Population Welfare, Government of Punjab)

Mr. Ejaz Rahim

(Secretary, Ministry of Health, Government of Pakistan)

Capacity Building

The association has played an important role in developing the capacity of young researchers to enable them to present their research findings from the platform of the association. PAP has organized abstract writing workshops that have helped young professionals in producing succinct abstracts for future conferences.

Coverage by media and newsprint

PAP has actively involved local and national media for the coverage of annual conference and regional seminars. Coverage of inaugural sessions and concluding sessions by television and news print helped widely disseminate the theme of the conference.