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PopulationAssociation of Pakistan

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Secretariat address: 3rd  floor, NTC Headquarters Building(North),  Sector F-5/1,

Islamabad – 44000.   Pakistan.

Tel: 92-51-287 7192, 920 5566 ext. 111 • Fax: 92-51-282 1401 • Email:• web:

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DCLARATION: (Please read and fillcarefully, incomplete declaration could result in refusal of membership)

DearExecutive Officer PAP,

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21. I am sending PKR 1,500/- (Pakistani Resident National) OR US $ 50/- Foreigner/Pakistani living abroad (For Regular) OR PKR 10,000/- (For Life) via:
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CLARATION: (Please read and fillcarefully, incomplete declaration could result in refusal of membership

(Please see below)

a. Membership Criteria: Candidates should satisfy one of the following criteria:

i)     Be the holder of an advanced degree in asubject related to population OR

ii)    Bethe author of at least one scientific publication in a recognized scientificjournal, OR

iii)   Havedemonstrated commitment to the field through research, writing, teaching oradministration

b. Membership Types and Fee:  

  • RegularMembership: PKR 1,500/- PerAnnum (Pakistani Resident National). ORUS $ 50/-Per Annum (Foreigner and Overseas Pakistanis)
  • LifeMembership: PKR 10,000/- (Any individual eligible for regular membership can become life member on full payment)

d.  Note: 

  • All applicationswill be reviewed and approved by the Executive Council of PAP.
  • Deposit online “PopulationAssociation of Pakistan” MCB current account number 0102801010018227, BranchCode 1028
  • Send postal moneyorder at PAP’s secretariat address mentioned above.